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Camper hire in New Zealand

New Zealand Campers offers a wide range of budget campers, Hitop campervans and motorhomes. Our offer contains, among others, cheap campers which will allow you to travel through New Zealand on a low budget but also luxurious motorhomes which are much more expensive of course. So wether you have a low or high budget, you’re at the right place!

Cheap campers

The Crib budget is a cheap camper with simple facilities and no headroom. If you have a bit more to spend you could go for the Cruiza Hitop. This one is still very affordable but offers extra comfort thanks to the permanent headroom, fridge, big living and sleeping area en several places to put away your belongings. Other New Zealand Hitop campervans are a bit more equipped with among others a 2 pit cooker. Moreover, these campers are younger which means they have less signs of usage. Normally, the older the camper, the lower the price and quality. Which means that a younger camper will have a higher price but better quality.

Motorhomes and self contained

If you don’t want to travel in a small camper you can decide to go for a motorhome. This will give you much comfort with, in most cases, big beds and always a shower, toilet, heating, hot water facilities and lots of living and storage space. These campers are self contained, which means they’ll allow you to go camping in a lot of places in New Zealand. There are some budget campers which qualify as self contained such as the Cruiza and Condo Hitop, even though you must use a portable chemical toilet in these types of campers. Both campers have, like the motorhomes, a reservoir for waste water so you can go camping wherever you want. Renting a camper in New Zealand? Think about New Zealand Campers!

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